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How to avoid project downtime and improve profitability.



  • Project Delays
  • Jobsite Productivity
  • Team Collaboration


  • Workforce Management
  • Mobile Technology
  • Automated Reports/Analysis


Our client is a leading building and civil construction company with over 43 years in the industry.

They spent a lot of time working with spreadsheets to manage projects and as the organization began to grow they needed to find a more efficient way to manage their operations and eliminate inefficiencies associated with miscommunication, lost productivity, and a lack of operational project visibility.

They were determined to boost their team’s performance and automate workforce planning to help evaluate their ability to take on new projects.

Their projects required cross-functional teams and the lack of controls around sharing spreadsheets caused operation managers to hesitate when sharing their data.  They needed a more secure way of sharing and managing workforce data and finding a solution was crucial.


Beakon introduced an interconnected contractor and workforce management software system to help coordinate people, plan projects, monitor job sites, and ensure the safety of employees and contractors.

Avoiding Downtime 

Beakon’s digital workforce management software was introduced to optimize labor productivity.  The software provided visibility on all projects and the operations team was able to closely monitor project labor allocations,  and identify gaps where teams had the capacity to take on work.  Project managers were able to track performance and become proactive using responsive scheduling, ensuring their workforce matched workload demand.

Reducing Risk 

Contractors played a crucial role in our clients’ operations and managing them was challenging.  Using Contractor Management software, our client was able to speed up contractor pre-qualification, determine legal compliance, and store all documentation online. They were able to make real-time adjustments to their labor force using Beacon’s mobile app to manage risk and compliance and avoid project delays.

Internal Audits

Audit software was introduced to assist with QSE regulation compliance. Our client was able to run internal audits to ensure projects were being completed on time, on budget, to specification, in line with regulations, and with the safety of all workers at its core.


Beakon software transformed our client’s operations, allowing them to make strategic, data-driven decisions to achieve organizational goals. They were able to eliminate human errors and create transparency around the workforce,  enabling team collaboration. Managers now had visibility over the entire operation and were able to decrease labor downtime, manage risk and compliance and improve their bottom line.


Software is transforming the construction industry and has benefited our clients significantly,  helping them to gain a competitive advantage through increased safety, reduced cost, higher profit margins, time efficiency, improved collaboration, and increased productivity. Implementing construction software is becoming a necessity and companies that hesitate to adopt it risk falling behind their competitors.


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