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Finding a ‘real time’ agile solution that can support busy ‘Service Centers’ to track and maintain driver compliance, conduct random vehicle safety audits to ensure compliance with Chain of Responsibility legislation, together with visitor control, all with full mobile capability.


  • Finding a ‘real time’ agile solution that can support busy ‘Service Centers’
  • Track and maintain driver compliance,
  • Conduct random vehicle safety audits to ensure compliance
  • Operational efficiencies


Caltex has grown from humble beginnings to become the nation’s outright leader in transport fuels, supplying one third of all Australia’s transport fuel needs. Through a flexible fuel supply chain, they have forged a reputation for providing safe and reliable supply of high-quality fuels to a diverse number of customer segments, including retail, mining, agriculture, aviation, transport, small-to-medium enterprises, marine, automotive and government. Caltex are also one of Australia’s largest convenience retailers.


Identify a single cloud-based software system to manage onboarding, licenses, and insurance for 3PL contractors.  An easy-to-access and easy-to-use portal /interface for end-users, including full mobile functionality to manage Work Orders, and related safety compliance activities in one place.

  • Electronic Contractor Management.
  • Comprehensive, real-time reporting.
  • Clear, ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance with legislation and the internal compliance framework.
  • Visibility of non-conformance and improvement opportunities.
  • Proactive, automated process review and improve workflow.
  • Availability for future expansion with the same system to include Risk Management, Work Permitting, and Safety Management.
  • A visitor management solution to support front-of-house management and provide visibility of visitor movement, in/out access and compliance to do so, together with automated alerts for managers.


Caltex required a system that could be implemented ‘Out-of-the-Box’ (OOTB), and then be configured to the specific requirements of a fast-paced, large multifaceted business and scaled when required.  They needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and easily, whilst also being highly configurable, which is an important aspect of our continuous improvement program.  It’s always a challenge implementing new systems, particularly where there is a reliance on multiple stakeholders, so finding an agile and responsive provider was a key driver for Caltex. Beakon delivers exceptional customer service standards, no requests are too big or unachievable and we remain flexible to meet evolving needs.   This flexibility proved to be the perfect fit for Caltex.

Conscious that Beakon delivers ‘Out of the Box’, OOTB best practice as an ISO-compliant framework, Caltex elected to initially use Beakon with minimal customizations, deploying the system to a live environment and making changes as required.   The Beakon software for compliance and contractor management is a fantastic asset, with a very user-friendly interface and a huge success for Caltex.

The project was instrumental in centralizing Caltex’s contractor and third-party compliance management whilst also delivering operational efficiencies.

Advise for others

Caltex had a very tight timeframe to implement the Beakon system. Whilst the implementation timeline was a challenge, it was important for Caltex to get the fundamentals right and adopt a staged approach which meant they used most functionality ‘Out of the Box’. Fortuitously, Beakon’s off-the shelf framework is ISO-based and very robust and in the end, Caltex found this more than met base-level requirements.

Now that Phase 1 of our Contractor and Third-Party compliance systems for Service Centres has been delivered, Caltex is now in a position to further enhance the system’s functionality and utilization to deliver an operationally efficient tool for our staff and contractors/third parties including incident management.

We look forward to implementing Phase 2 of our Contractor and Third-Party compliance systems focusing on ‘Chain of Responsibility’ legislative requirements which although at times complex, remain clear and easily embedded in our processes through the Beakon solution.



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