Key Watcher

Implementing in a fast-paced environment without disrupting customer service


  • Implementing in a fast-paced environment without disrupting customer service.
  • Providing ‘zero contact’ options wherever possible for all personnel.
  • Complex contractor matrix detailing key access requirements based on skill, trade, or location.
  • Collecting and cleansing historic information from hardcopy/excel documentation
  • Centralized Repository
  • Automated Compliance Checks
  • Automated Reporting & Dashboards


Our client owns and operates a pre-eminent living center portfolio in Australia and New Zealand with retail real estate assets under management valued at greater than $50 billion and shopping center ownership interests valued at $34.2 billion. This comprises 42 living centers that have strong franchise value and the ability to attract the world’s leading retail brands.

Management, onboarding, and monitoring of contract workers, key allocation, key authorization, and visitor access had become increasingly difficult to control with the paper and excel based systems that had been established across the business. Complexity was then further exacerbated with additional COVID-19 protocols which lead to the introduction of Beakon as a digital contractor and visitor management platform being expedited.

Having already worked tirelessly to automate and streamline facilities and contractor management by implementing Beakon, in an effort to release security staff to focus on asset and customer protection (particularly managing COVID-19 standards), the strategy was extended to include further Beakon integration with existing electronic, ‘smart’ Key Cabinets (KeyWatcher®) at 9 sites, providing autonomous access using a unique user ID.

Implementation Strategy

Given our client’s resources were increasingly being stretched as they managed COVID-19 protocols, the key cabinet integration project was accelerated as a priority and discussions began quickly with the cabinet supplier to understand the scope and requirements for API design.

Our implementation approach was twofold; clearly mapping the approval process and compliance requirements for each key type (effectively creating a digital key matrix) within the Beakon key register module, while also developing a robust API to provide real-time data sharing between Beakon and KeyWatcher®.

To minimize customer impact a pilot site was chosen to trial the integration and develop learning documentation.


Implement a robust, API between the Beakon Key Register and KeyWatcher® cabinets which would activate the following compliance checks, in real-time, prior to allocating keys.

  • Contractor Company/Worker onboard compliance status (insurance, licensing, training, qualifications)
  • Key Matrix pulse checks to ensure appropriate skill/training match
  • Key Matrix pulse check to seek approval for ‘high-risk’ key allocation
  • The automated, contactless approval process, in real-time
  • Allocate Keys with a unique ID
  • Authorise Key allocation with a unique ID
  • Track, trace, and monitor key allocation with geolocation tracking


Beakon converted Coca-Cola Amatil’s paper-based system with poor visibility into a centralized repository with a clear, holistic, real-time work in progress view. The system offered full compliance cross-checks, integrated with induction and pre-qualification for contractors.  Automating task-orientated work like contract administration, process management, and compliance fulfillment has helped to increase their efficiency.


The project was delivered on time, in full, and within budget with some additional and unexpected benefits including positive feedback from a wide range of contracting companies and workers who expressed their appreciation at being empowered to manage their own site access activities, which ultimately increased speed to work readiness with the Beakon KeyWatcher® integration.

Reduced waiting time at shift start, and end, and job-related access has been widely applauded, reducing frustration and inactivity.

Headcount reduction for compliance and access-related activities is estimated at 4 FTEs across the Retail Centre Group, which, together with real-time visibility and reporting functionality, has developed a ‘best practice’ protocol for Retail Centre Environments.

Traceability and instant reporting through Beakon provided rich data insights to support budgeting, business planning, and capex spending for additional cabinets to extend the project across the remaining sites.

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