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How the Transport Industry uses technology to improve efficiency and ensure contractor compliance.


  • Contractor Visibility
  • Lengthy Contractor Onboarding
  • Auditing Compliance
  • Automated Compliance Checks
  • Digital Onboarding Platform
  • Automated Alerts and Reports


Our client is a multi-national logistics organization providing exceptional logistics capability across a complex network of sea, air, and road transport.  They operate with a highly transient workforce and a large volume of sub-contracting companies with high-risk transport functions that require heavy regulation and chain of responsibility compliance.

They sought out a solution to reduce the length of time it took to manage the many layers of compliance involved in safe onboarding, and offboarding, employees, contractors, visitors, and volunteers.

The platform needed to facilitate business units that worked across regions, states, and countries, some with conflicting regulatory requirements.

They wanted a best-practice speed-to-compliance option that complied with all regulations and business rules.


Beakon introduced a single cloud-based software system to manage onboarding, licenses, and insurance for third-party contractors.

The system was an easy-to-access and easy-to-use portal /interface for end-users, with full mobile functionality to manage work orders and related safety compliance activities in one place.

The system offered comprehensive, real-time reporting with a clear, ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance to legislation and the internal compliance framework.

It offered alerts and visibility of non-conformance and improvement opportunities.

Together with our client,  we mapped their layers of compliance starting with legislative requirements, then in-house HSE and site–specific requirements, right through to the granular level of role-based regulations. The system was configured with workflow, reminders, and updates based on the mapped compliance data, to provide maximum automation and minimum data entry/duplication.

Once configured, all onboarding requirements automatically populated based on a user’s profile, providing an easy-to-use ‘real time’ portal to upload documentation (licenses, certificates, insurances) complete inductions, and training.


This project genuinely removed the laborious administrative elements of workforce management allowing our client to focus on the critically important ‘on the job’ leadership. Automatic notifications for both the workers and the business helped our client keep the process on track and responsive. Automatic, real-time updating of compliance status, including visualization and language, ensures one source of truth for the whole organization.


Digital onboarding and workforce management have helped to significantly reduce prequalification time and reduce onboarding costs. Automatic workflows, escalations, and notifications using default Out Of The Box logic removed the repetitive on/off-boarding administrative processes for our clients and provided a genuine streamlining for a constantly changing, transient workforce.

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