Contractor Management COCA-COLA

How Coca- Cola Amatil used Beakon’s Contractor Management Software to manage risk with over 40,000 contract workers.


  • Support evolving processes and requirements
  • Without disrupting other business activities


Coca-Cola AMATIL (AMATIL) is an ASX-listed food and beverage manufacturer and distributor. With over 13,000 staff and 40,000 contractors working across six countries and multiple jurisdictions, AMATIL is one of the world’s larger Coca-Cola bottlers. They are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our people. Continuously improving health and safety is also a key priority.


AMATIL is proud to be a leader in delivering safe and efficient workplaces for employees, contractors, and visitors. AMATIL’s focus for this project was bringing multiple disparate systems, and manual, paper-based processes, into one standardized platform while accommodating the different legislative, process, and language requirements of multiple jurisdictions.  AMATIL’s focus on continuous improvement across its business requires that the system must be able to adapt and be modified to support evolving processes and requirements without disrupting other business activities.


  • A single cloud-based software system to manage inductions, training, compliance, and safety management for all contractors and visitors.
  • An easy-to-access and easy-to-use portal/interface for end users, including full mobile functionality.
  • Availability for future expansion with the same system into additional areas of safety. • Comprehensive, real-time reporting.
  • Automation of repetitive administrative processes (e.g. checking insurance certificate expiry dates).
  • Clear, ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance with legislation and AMATIL’s safety framework.


The AMATIL project successfully met all the above-listed goals, delivering, for the first time, a clear, holistic, real-time picture of their Contractor compliance.  AMATIL gained desktop visibility of remote sites, variances to process, and opportunities to streamline and consolidate, together with in-house knowledge and capability to further develop, administer, and adapt the system as they required.

Advise for Others

“Don’t over-engineer your configuration.  Keep it simple and as user-friendly as possible.  Start with the basics and then refine and add as you mature and develop a solid understanding of the functionality of the system.  We eventually pulled back some of the configurations we developed initially because it was overly complex and ultimately not required. Ultimately, we could have used the product straight off the shelf.”

“The best thing we did during our implementation was to take the time up front to hold workshops with representation from across our business to really understand what the end users needed to be successful in Contractor Management.  Stakeholder engagement proved vital in our configuration and development of the system for AMATIL.”

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