Permit to work software for oil and gas industry

How ConocoPhillips used technology to increase operational efficiency and productivity during COVID-19.


  • Paper Based PTW system
  • Undefined Permit Life Cycle
  • No Clear Audit Trail
  • E Permit to Work Platform
  • Mobile Functionality with Remote Access
  • Automated Alerts and Reports


Our client is a global exploration and production company with operations and activities in 16 countries. Oil and gas processing requires rigorous administration to regulate the hazardous activities undertaken to execute operations.

In the high of COVID-19 they need to minimize on-site personnel and now faced the challenge of finding a solution to covert Permit to Work producers into and electronic format.. They were looking for a ‘real time’ agile solution that could support a high-risk and multifaceted business both on/offshore. The system needed to have the functionality to support their teams in creating, viewing, approving, and responding to Permit to Work requests for high-risk work that traditionally included site review and monitoring.


Beakon introduced the Electronic Permit to Work system with allowed workers to ’ Sign in/out of High-Risk Work Permit with full traceability, across multiple shifts and days (including GPS location markers).

The easy-to-access and easy-to-use portal/interface included full mobile functionality, comprehensive, real-time reporting, and a clear, ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance with legislation and our client’s compliance framework.

The system allowed electronic signatures for remote authorization, automated workflow with confidential communication channels, and approval/reject/review options for submitted requests and E-Forms.

Security Group partitioning and role permissions within Beakon ensured workers (or work groups) could create, edit, and submit ‘Permit to Work’ documentation relevant to their qualification level, spreading the workload.

Simple permit creation and automated templates assist with ‘built-in’ permit workflows that provide actual time-to-cost benefits.

Once initiated the E-Permit and all supportive evidence (photos, documents, links) could be reviewed by an appropriate Permit to Work Issuer, again remotely, and depending on the process including automatic approvals.


Beakon helped to convert, what was a highly paper-based Permit to Work process, into a digital procedure for all parties involved.  The new platform proved to be a very useful and convenient tool that established control, coordination, and communication following correct work sequences. The platform provided a smooth flow of work, saving time, and avoiding lengthy paperwork.


EPTW ensures that no control mechanism is bypassed or missed ensuring proactive safety. The intuitive automated workflow checks for the rest of the relevant requirements and proceeds to the next stage of PTW.  This allowed our client to focus on their core business, confident that the work planning and authorization systems were efficient and compliant.

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