Facilities Management

How Australia’s top facilities management company manages risk and compliance of its forty-two (42) shopping centres.


  • Effective Risk Management
  • Managing compliance with laws and regulation
  • Accurate monitoring & reporting
  • Interconnected Software
  • Compliance Audits Automated Workflows & Reminders


Our client owns and operates a living-center portfolio comprising of 42 shopping centers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Group manages every aspect of its portfolio – from design, construction, and development to leasing and retail solutions and asset management, ensuring that its centers constantly meet the highest expectations of their retailers and consumers.

With over 450 million visitors to their centers and thousands of contractors working on projects daily, protecting the safety of their people is at the core of their ethos. Managing risk and maintaining visibility and records on compliance with laws and internal policies as it relates to their operation, is a top major priority. They needed help with improving workplace safety & compliance and managing risk efficiently through a streamlined work permit process.

They wanted to take a rigorous approach to monitor and manage compliance with applicable laws and regulations and their internal policy and standards. They needed deeper visibility and insights into their operation and wanted to implement a system that would give adequate control, monitoring, and reporting functionality.

Beakon introduced an interconnected cloud-based software system to manage compliance, risk, and safety. The new system included contractor management, risk management, and audit software. The integrated system allowed our client to communicate openly and engage with relevant stakeholders on safety issues and provided adequate training, instruction, and tools to enable relevant personnel to comply with their policies.

The new system captures and records all relevant information about contractors, risk, and safety, storing it in a secure database and providing our client with real-time access to data. Our client now has absolute visibility on adherence to regulation, licensing, qualifications, competency, and contractor inductions.


Risk Management

Beakon’s risk assessment software was implemented to help our client assess risk, identify hazards, and lay out the procedures to mitigate the identified risks. The system also allowed our client to record or automate the risk management processes to prevent unprecedented workplace accidents and acts as an accurate compliance tool.

Permit to Work

An electronic permit-to-work system was implemented to specify hazards and risk-control measures that contractors needed to be aware of before they started working. Traditionally managed on paper, the new system allowed faster permit signs-off and updates for awareness of changing hazards in the workplace.

Compliance Audit

Our client now has access to comprehensive, real-time reporting and a clear ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance with legislation. We embed health and safety frameworks and business rules together with industry and legislative requirements. The system collates and analyses data and identifies processes and procedures needing attention. Notifications are sent to our clients when an audit needs to be renewed and allow them to schedule audits as frequently as required.


Beakon’s software has helped to improve our client’s workplace safety & compliance and effectively manage risk. They now have a system that offers full visibility on compliance, and a risk assessment system that allows them to identify, manage and mitigate risk to their operations. Their new system offers them real-time reporting and automated reminders and provides a clear audit trail.


Some of the biggest challenges in Facilities Management are managing risk and safety. Beakon’s interconnected cloud-based solution has provided our clients with real-time visibility of their entire operation and helped them manage compliance, reduce risk to their organization and maintain a safe working environment.

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