Contractor Management

Finding a ‘real time’ agile solution that can support a highly secure, fast pace and 24/7 facility.


  • Real-time agile solution
  • Identifying a software solution
  • A digital solution for recording and monitoring contract workers
  • Centralized Repository
  • Automated Compliance Checks
  • Automated Reporting & Dashboards


Our client is a District Health Service comprising 7 major public hospitals, together with several specialist clinics.  Management and maintenance of facilities this large, including consumable materials involve an arsenal of contract workers moving in and out of the premises every day.

Management, onboarding, and monitoring of contract workers became increasingly difficult to contain and our client sought a robust, highly visual and easy-to-use tool that could provide confidence that all legislative, privacy and ethical requirements were being met, at all times.


Identify a single cloud-based software system to manage onboarding, licenses, and insurance for 3PL contractors.  An easy-to-access and easy-to-use portal /interface for end-users, including full mobile functionality and the ability to manage workers’ and visitors’ entry/exit all in one place.

  • Comprehensive, real-time reporting.
  • Clear, ‘traffic light’ system to provide a visual indication of compliance to legislation and compliance to their own Health and Safety framework.
  • Visitor and Contractor Worker kiosk management
  • Extensive traceability to monitor privacy requirements
  • Genuine learning and induction platform


Contractor Management is critical.  It is a highly security-focused environment that operates 24/7 and the solution needed to provide absolute visibility of adherence to regulation, licensing, qualifications, competency, and inductions.

Beakon not only met these requirements but also provided room for further growth with additional modules available for deployment when required. The District Health Service is always expanding, including new clinics, so futureproofing was also crucial.

Beakon met the need for a contractor management system that could also be used as a visitor management tool.

Being cloud base with full mobile functionality, together with the flexible, customer-focused approach Beakon was engaged to deliver the project.

Knowing that Beakon’s ‘Out of the Box’ solution met all the core project needs they deployed the default, module and then refined and tailored the foundation system to meet their exclusive compliance regulation needs.  This meant a smooth implementation, delivered on time.

With the hospital environment being so incredibly secure and with downtime coming at a substantial cost, the Contractor Management module provided several benefits.

  • Standardized job safety analysis.
  • Great visibility of where, when, and who was carrying out Work.
  • Increased efficiency and substantial cost savings per month.
  • Simplified and automated processes to assess, plan, prepare, and execute work.
  • Quality of control measures through an approval process to ensure genuine risk management.
  • Clarity of compliance with legislative requirements, protecting passengers, staff, and the general public in a busy facility.


The District Hospital Service had a tight timeframe to implement the Beakon system. Whilst the implementation was a challenge, it was important to get the fundamentals right, and adopting a staged approach meant most functionalities were used ‘Out of the Box’. Fortuitously, Beakon’s off-the-shelf framework is ISO-based which more than met the base-level requirements.

Now that the Contractor Management and Visitor Management system has been deployed, BNE is now able to further enhance the Beakon functionality and utilization by deploying Audits and Risk Management.


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