How Coca- Cola Amatil used Beakon’s Contractor Management Software to manage risk with over 40,000 contract workers.


  • Manual Paper Based Process
  • Lack of Document Centralization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralized Repository
  • Automated Compliance Checks
  • Automated Reporting & Dashboards


Coca-Cola Amatil is a food and beverage manufacturer and distributor with over 13,000 staff and 40,000 contractors working across six countries and multiple jurisdictions. They are one of the world’s larger Coca-Cola bottlers.

Coca-Cola Amatil accredits its long-term success on ensuring the safety of their contractors,  employees and visitors to their operation. With their augmented workforce they needed to ensure that their contractors were aware of the unique risk factors relating to particular projects, and the specific safety systems in place to mitigate them.

Being a proud leader in delivering a safe and efficient workplace Coca- Cola Amatil was focused on bringing their outdated system, and manual paper-based processes, into one standardized platform that could accommodate different legislative, processes, and language requirements for multiple jurisdictions.

With their current system, they were lacking the infrastructure to access pertinent quality information to make the best-informed decisions. Challenged by a lack of visibility into work in progress, they were burdened by hidden manufacturing costs and the inability to track and trace contractor compliance.

They needed a system that could be adapted and modified to support evolving processes and requirements without disrupting other business activities.


Beakon introduced its single cloud-based contractor management platform to store and manage all data regarding contractors, including prequalification, induction, compliance checks, sign-in onsite, insurance, and compliance checks.

Minimized Risk

Beakon’s software provided the ultimate workflow solution for engaging, prequalifying, managing, tracking, and ensuring the ongoing compliance of their entire contractor workforce

The platform was configured to monitor and report on everything regarding compliance, making sure every license, insurance, and qualification is up to date. The end-to-end process was automated to reduce friction throughout that contract lifetime and keep control of all documents providing a clear

audit trail, and ensuring both parties adhere to contractual documents.

Superior Compliance

The integrated automated system ensured audit readiness and compliance with laws, regulations, standards, and governance relevant to physical security identity and access management. We embed Health and Safety framework and business rules, together with industry and legislative requirements to ensure consistency.

Maximised Value

Coca-Cola Amatil has capitalized on the value of fast, reliable, and accurate information to maximize production performance. Automated reminders and dashboard communication now saves Coca-Cola Amatil time and effort in managing compliance and removed all complexities associated with the manual paper-based systems.


Beakon converted Coca-Cola Amatil’s paper-based system with poor visibility into a centralized repository with a clear, holistic, real-time work-in-progress view. The system offered full compliance cross-checks, integrated with induction and pre-qualification for contractors.  Automating task-orientated work like contract administration, process management, and compliance fulfillment has helped to increase their efficiency.


Beakon’s centralized contractor management solution digitized AMATIL’s ability to manage and ensure contractor compliance allowing them to track ongoing compliance, reduce risk to their organization and maintain a safe working environment. The system was implemented without any disturbance to their operations and has the capability to be adapted and develop, to meet growing needs.

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