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Absolutely, yes!  We are a 24/7 business with a support team ready to help, even for the night shift and weekend teams.

Yes you can. In fact, one of Beakon’s unique features is that we encourage you to be self-sufficient and capable of managing your own database post implementation.  We offer a wealth of supportive documentation, a fully accessible ‘Knowledge Base’.  Self Administration is only limited by your own internal resources and capability.

Having said that, we are here for the long-term and our 24/7 Support Team are always there to help.

Beakon is hosted in the cloud and requires no additional capital outlay for hardware.  It will work with your existing hardware and network.

Because at Beakon we fully understand our responsibility to provide a dedicated, safe, and stable solution for our clients. Some of the ways we do that include our 2-factor authentication, configurable password rules, and a variety of other configurable security protocols to protect data and systems.


Get in touch to hear more, including our encryption and transmission protocols.

No you won’t.  Beakon currently operates for businesses across their multiple locations, spanning multiple countries.

Our ‘Security Group’ partitioning, together with geofencing capability handles the most complex mix of sites and locations.

Beakon is totally configurable to your QSE framework, legislation and industry standards, so you can be assured that the automated process workflows, reflect your unique business needs.

All Beakon registers, activities, and data are visualised in easy to understand Graphs and Dashboards which can be shared in real-time with your stakholders. Supporting top-level overviews, Beakon provides full flexibility with our reporting module. Granular detail can be produced ad hoc, scheduled automatically, and extracted in PDF, EXL, CSV, and more.

All data entered into the Beakon system is discoverable in Real-Time. This includes contractor compliance activities, permit to work, incident and event logging (injury, near miss, maintenance request, hazard, environment, quality), audits, and approvals.

Beakon sends automated notifications in various formats and by different channels (including SMS/Email) to relevant parties ensuring visibility and accountability of all compliance activities.

Absolutely, yes!  We are a 24/7 business with a support team ready to help, even for the night shift and weekend teams.

Yes, it does.  Our pricing structure gives you access to the power of all Beakon modules.

Your business is agile, your software should be too.  The Beakon logic is flexible and customisable to suit your business rules and any unique. 

Yes, visual reports and KPI dashboards are standard with the Beakon system.  We provide real business intelligence to ensure you are informed when making critical decisions.

Yes, you can use the ‘Beakon App’ or website to work from the palm of your hand.  Beakon is compatible with all mobile devices.

The Beakon solution is an interconnected software system with over 50 compliance, risk and safety modules.

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